Message from the Director

Considering the future development of Japanese industries, it is important not only to pursue technological superiority, but also how to create social innovation by taking advantage of new technologies. In trance, at universities in Japan, although education of science and technology has been engaged intensely, their social returns and commercialization have been neglected. Most of people thought that the mission of universities is research, and company’s mission is business. There are invisible silos there. Sometimes, such difference in mindset destroys joint research and prevents development.

In order to break such situation, Tokyo University of Science decided to put effort into Entrepreneurship education. Our aim is to nurture students who create venture companies, and to foster mindset challenging commercialization of technology seeds. To achieve this goal, we planned a strategy by joining MIT-REAP (Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program) conducted by MIT Sloan business school during 2015-2017. The MIT-REAP is a coaching course for building a regional-oriented ecosystem creates many entrepreneurs. Finally, an open center which should be a kernel of the ecosystem has been established. That is TEIC(Tokyo Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center).

The TEIC has two major objectives. One is to be kernel of the ecosystem by connecting five stakeholders; university, risk capital, entrepreneur, enterprise and government. The other is the implementation of entrepreneurial education. The TEIC consists of four Hubs; Education, Research, Networking and Nurturing. Furthermore, the TEIC conducts a corporate partnership program by collaborating with TUS-MOT and School of Management. Each part is operated with MIT’s quarter century know-how.

Through these activities, we will contribute to the construction of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tokyo and Japan.

April 1st, 2017
OKAMURA Soichiro
Tokyo Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center@TUS